aboutusWe are so glad you stopped by! I’m Ronda and my husband is Jake. We are from a small Texas town and have three AmAzInG kiddos. I still like to call them my “babies”, even tough they are not babies anymore. Kyle is a college student, Our girls are both in High School. Madison is a Junior and Makenzie is a Freshman. Yep, all teenagers! Do you feel my pain? LOL!  Jk. Sorta.

Jake and I have been married now for almost 20 years and have been in ministry together for 19 of those years. That seems like such a long time, but the years have flown by. We have served in both children’s and youth ministries. I have been a part of the worship team since I was in High School, whether leading or singing background vocals. It is my heart. About a year ago, God put it on my heart to start a Creative Worship ministry. Creative Worship is worshipping God through the arts, whether it’s singing, dancing, writing songs and poetry, acting, photography, painting….just using whatever creative talents and abilities you have, as worship unto the Lord. I LOVE this ministry and can’t wait to see where God is going to take it! We are also currently in leadership over the Young Adults Ministry in our church, which we have such a passion for!! Jake has a strong message of FAITH on the inside of him, and desires to encourage people in that area of their lives! In a nutshell….we love to serve in the church!!  It’s a HUGE part of who we are!

A little more about us……Jake really enjoys doing anything outdoors. Hunting, fishing, baseball, trucks, cars….you know all of that guy stuff. lol He’s pretty much up for anything adventurous and wants to go skydiving one day soon! I, on the other hand, will NEVER go skydiving. lol!! I do enjoy doing anything creative. Painting, songwriting, and my photography business, to name a few. Not only do I love to photograph people as subjects, but some of my favorite shots are of nature. Especially sunsets. My fave.

We created this blog, honestly, because we love people. We love to encourage people and see them succeed. We want to share with the world about our successes and even failures, to hopefully help others from our personal life experiences. Mostly, we want people to know and experience the unfailing love of God, His life-changing Word, and His abundant goodness, and we are so glad you came along for the ride! ❤